Abstaining from sexaul relief/Masturbation-mostly for guys.

Yes its that discussion that will make you feel uncomfortable and question whether to talk about it lol.

Now I believe myself that there are advantages to abstaining from sexual relief rather then making it a constant, this is where I consider moderation to be key.

By abstaining you will maintain a higher Testosterone level and sperm level, testosterone will increase your energy to do things and you can use to to focus into exercise and when you do reach a orgasm it feels much better.

Now by abstaining it also has the possibility to raise stress levels and sexual release has shown to be healthy for the prostrate, this is why I say taking it in moderation, there's a balance, either to much or too little is going to likely be bad for you.

if you find yourself masturbating too much I can give you some tips, one of which is keep busy, there's a old saying Idol hands is the devil's play things which rings true, if your really going bad on self control, consider limiting your access to porn, wear jeans without zips, only tricky buttons lol.

I understand this is a subject that will come with some stigma but it should be discussed after all we do practice active thinking here.

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How often is your idea of keeping it in moderation? For the past few years I have been at it every night, a few times I tried skipping it for a few days and does make the orgasm feel much better. But in the days inbetween I get very stressed and feel very "down". There has been times where I have limited privacy and have to stop for a whole week or two, it completely destroys my confidence and I become very submissive to people.
Maybe this means I already have my balance, when I have done it more than once in a day the orgasm just isn't worth it anymore, it gets so mild.
Could be you have found your ideal balance mate, mines about 5 days to a week, I used to daily but I found it more beneficial to blow off steam other ways (games, boxing, weight lifting) but I think once you have found your ideal balance like you seem to have that it is a good thing.
There is wisdom in this topic
If you have read the Napoleon Hill book Think and Grow rich, there is an entire chapter devoted to the power of sex. And how it can be criticial to people success or failure..

What i liked about that part of the book is that you actually can use the sex impulse as a trigger to action by not releasing the desire as a sexual act (masturbation or sex with other person) but working hard on the activities that will make you achive your goals. It will keep your energy levels high. It is called Transmutation of sex energy

Obviously there is nothing wrong with sex, but abusing it is a sure way to keep your energy low.

You can read more about it here:
Thanks for the link, great insight really.
some days i can go like 20-40 times and each time feels great
but on those days i literaly cba to get out of bed i get up for my dinner n thats it
i probably go like 5 times a day on college days n its great but i have no motivation or energy so i think u may be right
only thing is if i dont do it i get very stressed and wether i do it or not, i c a hot girl and im pumped.
i think i may have abit of a problem lol
haha maby im just a sex addict lol
thats a whole nother problem
20-40 times a day?! That's like spending half your day masturbating!

I think a monk week would be really beneficial for you! ;)
I think there seems to be some confusion between "sex" and "masturbating." Both are some sort of expression of sexual energy. But i think there are some major differences between the two; other than the obvious, it takes 2 to have sex.

In sex it's an energy of love. There is far more going on during sex than just the amazing feeling. It's the psychological, it's knowing that someone is with you. I would like to say Sex really adds happiness and energy to your day. Masturbation takes away energy, it's something one might do out of sheer boredom or thinking they need the sexual satisfaction at that moment.

After masturbating i seemed to have felt terrible, out of energy, and tired. I wanted to do nothing but fall asleep (intelligently I do it at night before I fall asleep >.>) After reading this post and joining this site I intend to lessen or stop the amount of times i do the act.

on the other hand, having sex left me feeling great and full of energy. This I'd Usually do during the day or when my Girlfriend (ex girlfriend....) decided to come. After that we went out to eat or had a study date.

in short sex adds energy, masturbation takes away energy. great post though !!!!!!
Masturbation, sex and making love are all different acts. Making love is the best and more fulfilling. But sometimes you cannot do it, it's not on your schedule, it is a partnership. Sex and masturbation are closer together but still way different. Sex can lean more towards making a connection with someone down to I want to fulfill some mental fantasy while masturbation is more of a chemical release. What is excessive will vary with your life. A stressful or boring time in your life will likely enhance the desire. For some, they may have the love of their life but their partner is not filling all their desires, maybe not getting them off. I've known many women who have never had a partner finish them off properly.
I just wanted to add this:

If guys don't masturbate, they can actually experience pain in their testicles as they do grow larger over time.

Also, check out this link I happened upon after googling.....

Moderation is good in all things, but I'd still say it depends on the person, because different people with different lifestyles are under different pressures and blah blah blah, ham sandwich. What I'm sayin is yeah, I think you're pretty much right about too much being a bad thing, but some is still healthy. Oh yeah, neither masturbation or sex reduce your testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that stays in your body, and doesn't have a way of escaping.
To much of anything is a bad thing the question is how much is to much, and how bad is a bad thing.


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