I'm interested in ways of earning money that are different from the usual Education = Qualifications = Get Employed By Company route that most people seem to think you have to go down. I'm not enthusiastic about college, in fact it REALLY bores me and I can't imagine using any of the 'skills' I learn there in an actual job or my everyday life, yet everyone I talk to spouts the same shit about how it's impossible to get a job without the qualifications from college and university.


I know Chiren makes his money from playing poker and youtube(?) and he didn't need any qualifications for that. Does anyone else here work for themselves or work in a way that is different to what most people do? Or does anyone work a job for a company, that you got with your qualifications which you really enjoy?

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Dam you remind me of welp... me. I went through the same with college and my parents wanting me to go. I graduated about 3 years ago and never went. I know what you mean when people say that you need a college dregree. I heard it all the time until I learned to keep my mouth shut or just tell people I am goin to school.


It did not interest me either unless it was focused on the one topic that I would really like rather than having to take some other courses that dull your mind. Everyone looks at it differently I guess.


Anyway I started working for myself through the internet. I started out a while ago by simply doing a search on google on how to make money and then I read a lot of stuff on making money online. If you think it might be for you try it out.

Well erotic massage is legal here, then there are plenty of scam/shady type jobs here in Montreal...  A lot of my student friends who just want to pay off student loans go to other countries to teach English and get plenty of money doing that....  Everyday when you take the metro there's usually some kind of a musician, singer, someone who is performing for money (some are horrible but many are quite talented.)....


I am not sure how much they make doing that though.  If you're good at it people respect you, but if you look a little poor and you're doing something simple and cheap it seems that not everyone will respect you, even if you do have a little talent.  I have a few other friends who try to build up small businesses to earn a double living while in school or who have told me they have used student grants, loans, or their own savings for stocks and/or property which they hope gives them a return...


I'm just working a regular old minimum wage job and I may get a loan for school here.  I am not sure what else I can do to earn more, but I want to investigate some options for myself such as possibly the traveling abroad thing...

The internet is probably the right place for you, look at Brad Sucks for example, I don't think he lives just from donations but you could go with just half-free or low cost stuff. He makes music but you could make something else.

I work for a company and I got the job thanks to my qualifications. Without going into any details, the job is just awesome...

I understand that college can be boring at times, but hard work always pays off. The more qualifications you have, the more choices in terms of jobs you have as well.

You have to find topics that you like, so think about it. What interests you ? What kind of job do you want to do ? It's not an easy question that's for sure, but then if you have a general idea of what you like, you might be able to get closer to stuff that interests you.

About the alternative ways, I don't think it's the easiest path... Taking the example of a poker or youtube star, there's probably one guy that'll succeed, for thousands of failures.


i feel your pain. I was really tired of school when i finally had gotten through high school.

I went abroad a year first, but under pressure to go to college i went for a semester to art college when i came back but broke it off and started working a low wage job without official qualifications. I was still pressured to go back to study and i started at a university but also broke it of after one trimester and again went abroad. I started finding my way through volunteer work, i found that i liked working with handicapped people. I really didnt want to go back to school so i worked as such without diploma. But whilst doing that job i started feeling the need for more background. Thus,driven from a very 'practical' need, i found that i had the courage and the motivation to go back to college at 25 y old. I could go to part-time school, so i worked and studied at the same time. This was very motivating for me, i liked the direct connection between practice and theory. It just..made sense.

Now i am lucky that i got that degree, because by now it is forbidden in most european countries to do this job without diploma.

I am now working in this very rewarding ( not financially though ) field and happy that i followed the path i did.

Studying is hard, especially if you are not really into it. So you first got to find what you want to spend so much time& energy on, that it's worth it for YOU. Oh, and it can't just be 'money' :p  Unless you are a real capitalist greedy bastard with a bank fetish.

I feel you on that Veevee, if you're going to devote yourself to something such as your occupation, it should be something you love and are interested in. I like how you ended that BTW =P

well here is the reality of things, the economy is in a shit hole and it's about to get worse (according to joseph stiglitz) there are less and less jobs available and more and more people are getting college educations which means the basic requirements to get job are increasing (i think they call it academic inflation) so if you plan on getting a job and do not want to have to live pay check to pay check, then i highly recommend you get a degree. now having a degree will no.t guarantee you a job anyways. you can always try the alternate way and become a youtube, or poker player w/e but good luck with that \things aren't what they seem (you're looking at chiren through a shattered piece of glass). but do what you want man just make sure you don't regret you decision later down the road (you probably will).


anyways as a side note, it's kinda ironic how kids from less fortunate families, countries and stuff freaking dream of getting a college education and work their ass off to win a lottery ticket to an american or european college (yes there is such a thing), but the kids who do have access to it, don't want it....... then they cry when the immigrants are taking their jobs.


School was invented to make people ready for the industrial world, that's something that is not really at it's peak growing period anymore and things like entertainment can earn much more money cause of the fact that we can be entertained much more than in the past and that because those people who went to school 50 years ago. I think you are able to earn a living from anything like game development or music if you are dedicated to it enough. If you study biology in a university you get a great basis for a normal job, I don't want to be like that, I would much rather look for problems I can solve and learn the context around them instead of being a normal guy that know something about everything.

I have a very similar mindset. I dropped out of college and do seasonal work that I really enjoy. This also gives me time to travel which is one of my passions. Meanwhile, I open myself up to knowledge and inspiration and motivation which I hope will lead me to my next step! I would REALLY suggest the book **"The 4-hour Workweek"** by Tim Ferriss for ideas and inspiration.

A very interesting question.... I think about it when i am scared about the after school life, i don't know what a job to do.        I know some friends who are working for there own they are all very active. You just need to do what chiren and co. says. Be open to people and don't be afraid to learn or create some new things. The internet will be a must for sharing ideas and learn at your own. I think that's the key for being who you want to be. Or make what you want to do.

The rough economy is kicking my ass right now as well as my familys even though I must admit it could be a lot worse like living out in the cold. :(

What you need to understand is that there is a such thing as working smarter. No matter what field you get into you always must learn by reading and studying how other successful people do it. I have read from successful people that you do not have to get a college degree and can just learn through a job you get within the business you would like to get into. Then you can start your own kind of venture.

I have read that you really need to get a college degree especially because of the rough economy. I have read that during a recession the opportunity is big for entreprenuers.

I mean everybody seems to have a different view on it whether they make a living through a job they do not necessarily like or they work for themselves and love doing what they do.

Just try to think of what you really would like to get into. But understand that there are risks. Like if you choose not to get a college degree then understand there are lots of people who will probably not hire you and hire someone who does.

You mentioned Athene in poker. That risk is obviously losing lots of money but I am sure you can learn how to play well and really increase your odds. But that is a big risk as there is no guarantee. Hell there is never a guarantee something will work out. But you try anyway man.

I haven't replied this thread since it was created but I wanted to thank you guys for all your responses and let you know that I am reading all of them. It's very refreshing to hear something other than "if you don't get qualifications you won't get a job!". I'm experimenting with ways of making money (in a way I enjoy!) which I will write about if I have any success.


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