Hi guys.

Ive got one question, I dont want to be cynical or anything like that, im just a little bit of utilitarian. Charities worldwide are helping in a variety of problems, but the question is why would you help for example people with rare diseases etc. instead of helping people starving to death. With the money you use to save, or even just make one sick person suffer less, you could feed lots of people till natural death. Maybe its just me but i see no point in giving money to such charities instead of simply ending famine worldwide.

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Everybody thinks differently about the importance of various issues that we face in this world.  I suppose that I can understand why you are thinking this way right now, but... in order to maybe help you to see things a little bit differently - try to imagine how you would feel about all of this if your mother had heart disease, your daughter had multiple sclerosis, and your wife was dying of cancer.  In such a scenario, you might find yourself being a little bit more concerned about curing diseases and not just feeding the poor people in the world.  *wink*

Of course its natural that we want good for people we have bounds with, I realise that now i can sound like heartless machine (but thats pretty much my ethical ideal of perfect rationalism) although helping my dying wife would mean not helping another person, a dozen of people more precisely. I absolutely agree that they need help and deserve it, and the best solution would be just to spend more money on charities, nethertheless with money we already spend imo it would be the best to just help the biggest amount of people possible.

What if you fed all of the starving people chicken, and then they died of Bird-Flu?  :-D  


Id rather feed them with grain, atmit or soy maybe as this would be cheapest, most ecological and efficient way, vegetarian style :)


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