Correlation between personal interests and/or beliefs and physical appearance?

First, I want to state that what I am proposing in this thread is in no way meant to offend anyone.

Recently I read up  on the LulzSec take-up, and I couldn't help noticing how all the members of the group has a certain look. The clothes, the skin, even the physical appearance was quite like each other.

It is a stereotype that the smart guys looks ugly, and the "dumb" guys looks good. But is this only a stereotype? All my friends who comes out as smarter wears less fashionable clothes, doesn't care to much about their hair growing too long and they will simply give more fuck about what people say about them.

I like to refer to Athene. Look at him. His hair is so long now he almost looks like an animal. He wears his silly clothes. (track pants and fleece sweaters)

I havent been to active in any english forums or games the last months and I notice how my english language worsens from it, I am sorry I can't put all my my thoughts into words, but I hope you could get at least something reasonable out of this!

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Hmhm.. I would even say, that he branded himself. It was noz "normal" causual clothes, but always the same. A quite interesting strategy

Ok i dont want to offend anybody as well but my take on this would be:

Gamers are less likely to be socially sucessful (girlfriend, fitness, regular contact with various people) and so they dont really care or know about dressing, and are not really interested in this either.

It is indeed a unncecessary correleation to assume smart people care less about looks,

in average i would even hypothesise gamers are also less selfconfident than groups who care about looks (probably because of the looks?).

You can't possibly generalize your hypothesis because there are so many moderation variables (social group/environment, culture ect).

Heres a question, what do you even mean by "care to know about dressing". The only reason you think "nice" looking clothes are "nice" are because of useless, ignorant, social stigmas that other people have set for us.

I think that there are a lot of gamers who just aren't aware of those things .

If we will assume that the term 'gamer' means - a person who spend most of his time on gaming ,
we can conclude they have less time to socialize .
In addition - If we will look at the matter from motivational point of view ,
we can find out that gamers will have difficult time adopting to the society -
that is if we assume that games usually contain a clear interface and understandable rules. 

In other words - gaming has the attribute of motorized motivation .
hence - if you fail , and you know what you can do to get better at it , you'll gain motivation to accomplish the task .
despite this , in real life - they dont have the rules in front of their eyes (unless they keep in mind the option of learning psychology , sociology and neuroscience) .
that means that while interacting with the environment , every single feedback will drastically affect their own perception of ... the environment .
meaning - if they fail , they will loose motivation to adopt the society .

we must take in count the reality as they see it -
while playing games , their output involves only the mechanical tools that they are using , and their only way of communicating is by texting .
the bad part about it , is that they will take this type of outcome (literal) as the main type in the real life as well.(97% of communication isn't literal and they don't even aware of the fact)

so i can guess their interaction wont 'flow' and we can assume they wont get a positive social validation .

ok . now we can connect the information and conclude that gamers will prefer to avoid socialization (at least with non gamers ) and see it as a big bad monster .
therefore they wont spend too much time on thinking about improving themselves in this field .
but I guess they will probably think about it in an emotional way.. of something they want but cant have (Maslo's theory ..) .
by the way - we can connect it to the research about addiction and what Dean has said about the whole topic in his videos (gaming+addiction).
I can guess you guys can continue from here .

almost the same thing with the geeks . 
at some point , learning can get pretty addictive .
and this topic is more related to the education they have got from their parents (home ).
and now : the classical appearance of a geek , why? 
1. that is what their parents give them .
2. Its comfortable .
add it to the info above .

I might be wrong so feel free to correct me .
and well , my primal language isn't English ... thats all .

God , Ive wrote about gamers -.- ...
I guess its because I was thinking why would they dress that way in the first place - so athene will use this to get closer to them .
And I can guess that his choice of being 'casual' among the gamers (therefore dressing poorly on his videos) was pretty intuitive (he had already had the basis).
but the whole thing can applied to the 'smart' ones after all .
and Im sorry for the long text and for being inappropriate ... Ill try to do better ?

I'm at MLG this weekend; the professional players are much more well kept than their lesser counter-parts. I'd label them as "smarter." Smart guys may look uglier because as social outcasts they may have more introverted tendencies, thus spend their time on more novel activities that in tern boost specific mental processes. Other than that, this is fairly silly.

The only thing you need to wear is a long white robe...

Oh.. I stumbled upon a great article/essay by Paul Graham (The legend himself), which kind off touches the same topic, and may be interesting to read for you guys out there. 

Oh... totaly forgot, the link XD Sorry and thx to The Shiznit for reminding me.


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