On Wednsday, December 8th, I will do a live stream to go over the basics of what quantum mechanics is and some of the applications of the study. I'll also explain why a unifying theory is so difficult to find and the application of what that can do.

Among the topics I will talk about:

A world of chance VS. a world of application
Dark Matter/Dark Energy
What is a unifying theory?
What is "quantum mechanics" and how is it different from the standard model

I will of course answer whatever questions

Keep in mind- I am NOT an expert in Quantumn Physics. I just know the basics from studying many books and obsessively watching the science channel. I just believe it would be nice for the community to have a basic understanding of what a unifying theory is before ASC comes out.

If Dean, Reese, or Athene would like to watch it too- would be great.

Also note: i have no clue what ASC is, or what the project entails. i just know it's how quantum mechanics and neuroscience relates. Which i've been trying to figure out... but i cannot find a correlation between quantum physics and neuroscience (i mean, there are the obvious- nerves, electrical signals, and what not- but how it directly relates to 'consciousness', I have no clue)

I'll try to answer any questions I can, keep in mind, though, that my knowledge is limited.

Where: Ipower Video/Chat tab
When: December 8th
Time: 4PM Central US time- no clue what time that is for all of you. but the internet will answer that

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and whatever cool things that come up, either relevant or totally off topic, lol. might go into astrobiology because of the new Microbe
Count me in!
This. Is. Awesome!
don't forget to remind us with a mail or somethin
HAI KIDS, so just as a reminder, I'll be on live-stream at 4:00 PM Central US time tommorow, Wednsday the 8th.


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