frankly, i haven't heard one logical reason why gay marriage shouldn't be allowed here in the united states. and i was wondering if anyone here on i power actually have non religious reasons why gay marriage should stay illegal.

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Not all americans mind you, but yes. There are logical reasons for religious groups but not for the entirety of the US population.
religion isn't logical....
what are some of those logical reasons?
According to biology... gay marriage isn't what's supposed to happen :s it doesn't agree with the physiology of humans therefore it is wrong in that sense as well O_o...yeah.
I have absolutely zero problems with gay couples who want to get married (I am an american). The only issues I have with it are when they want to raise children. What kind of a message are you sending your child when he has 2 mothers/fathers and people at school pick on him because of it? If anything, laws should be introduced to protect kids from that kind of a situation, so that they at least can have somewhat of a chance to grow up under normal social conditions and not have to 'adjust' to what the world expects of them.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I don't think gay couples are capable of raising a happy and healthy child, I just don't think it is a smart move when you are raising a kid(s). Kids are already picked on because of petty bullshit, I don't think they need extraordinary family situations added to the mix.

I mean, just remember back to when you were a kid, did you ever get picked on for things? I can remember one day at school, one of the other kids in my class, house had burned down, and her mother was killed. (I must have been about 7 or 8) the teacher addressed the whole class telling us what had happened and that we need to help this girl, and one of the other boys in the class made fun of her about the situation at recess.

Kids don't care about things like that, and it can have profound effects as kids grow up.
You know, the raising kids arguement raises a couple of points. First of all, this says to me that we need to take more time to teach kids to understand what is reasonable and acceptable. The only reason that kids would use a gay family as fodder for taunting is because they don't think that it's acceptable, and that's a problem within society.

Secondly, that is like saying that gay parents can't raise kids that can take care of themselves on the schoolyard. Every kid can learn how to handle his or herself just find, regardless of the sexual orientation of their parent or guardian.

Third, gay couples are going to be looking to adopt a child about 99% of the time, so no matter what the taunting at school is like this means that the child is already being given an opportunity to have a more normal upbringing and lifestyle because of that gay couple.

The way I see it, gay couples should have all the same rights as straight couples, because trying to take those rights away is like acting that it isn't an issue, and we all know that that is bullshit. What is accepted by society needs to be changed, and if some feathers get ruffled along the way then big fucking deal, people need to learn how to deal with the real world.
It is immoral.
Kids get bullied for all sorts of things. Learning to accept themselves as well as others is part of growing up. However, being gay is not normal let alone something that kids should have to deal with when they are little.

How is it justifiable for a child to have to explain to his friends and school mates that his parents are gay? All of a sudden that child will be even more socially isolated than he was before, even if he doesn't lose friends over it.

While being different is something that all kids should have to learn to accept, behavioral differences are different than physical differences. Learning to accept someone because they are handicapped, or a different race, or because they operate at a different learning capacity, is not the same as accepting someone because they choose to behave differently.

We lock up people who commit crimes because their behavior is dangerous to the well being of others. Being gay is also just as dangerous. It it almost on par with being a sex offender. When you tell a child that it is okay to behave in a sexual manner towards people of the same sex, especially at a young age, you are sending the wrong message to that child.

While most couples don't behave sexually in front of their children, it still leaves room for their imagination to run wild whenever they are in a position to talk about their 'parents situation' in front of others.
The genome project has discovered that there actually is a gene that strongly determines if a person is gay or not. Being gay is 99% of the time not a choice, it's just how you were born.
99% of all statistics are made up on the spot. The gay gene is influencial, but not responsible for 99% of the gays out there. It is both a genetic and learned behavior, and most likely more of a learned behavior than a genetic one.

It is just like being heterosexual. You still make a choice on how and when to have sex, and who with. So no, being gay isn't 99% genetic.

Just like alcoholism, and murder, you still have to make the choice to do those things, and until you do, you won't be considered an alcoholic or a murderer.
I don't agree with this.
I have gay friends, and to be honest, they are pretty much the most awesome friends I have. So I am firstly going to say that I think illegal marriage for gays is dumb. They should be allowed to marry to who they want.

Onto the point I disagree with. Do you choose who you are attracted to Jeremy? Do you go to school and look at people and go.. "Hmm, yeah I want to be attracted to you, and you.. But ew not you!" I don't think that you do. And if you do have control over who you are attracted to, you have super powers.
If it was their choice, then they are not exactly smart people. Who would choose to live a life of people ridiculing you? No one that I know of. It is genetic. It isn't "taught" to you. Supporting evidence for this...
I have a Tongan friend, who is an only child. His mother (I am not sure of this for all people from Tonga, thought he said it was) taught him a lot of feminine things, because she didn't have a daughter to teach it to. And by feminine things, I mean a lot of them... And he isn't gay. He acts it, but he isn't. He is just very feminine, which I don't have a problem with. But he is not attracted to guys at all.

So no, I do not believe you choose to be gay... You choose to follow your heart.
Talk to some gay people, most of them will tell you that it wasn't a choice, it was a discovery. I have a gay uncle and a couple of gay friends, they all say the same thing, and none of them come from families that even talk about homosexuality, let alone encourage it. Some people might make the choice based on life experience, but that's a minority.

Being gay is almost on par with being a sex offender? Seriously? You actually think that? I'm not gay, not even bi-curious, but honestly, that statement pisses me off. Being gay is not a danger to anyone, sure it's possible that a gay couple that adopts a child could try to enforce their way of life onto the kid, maybe even become abusive towards the kid, but a straight couple has an equal chance of corrupting a child in some other way. And no studies have ever been done on alternative family units to show whether or not any psychological damage is done to a child, it's all conjecture at this point. In order to make informed decisions on the matter it has to be given a chance to work.

If gay couples end up raising gay kids it might not be such a bad thing, just look at how over-populated the world is right now, less reproduction wouldn't be bad. It isn't like homosexuality is a disease, it isn't contagious, and as for not being normal, who ever decided what normal is anyway? I think normal is just following what you feel is right, and if you feel that gay is right for you then it's normal to follow that instinct.

In my opinion gay couples have every right to attempt to form a cohesive family unit in their own way, with their own rules and teachings, and they should get to deal with all the same drama and bullshit that the rest of us have to put up with. Equality for all, mother fuckers!


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