Hyperspace travel is possible?! (i.e. earth-mars in a few hours)

Recently came across one of the most mindblowing articles I had read in a long time. Now, I read a lot of scientific stuff and am rarely amazed at the newest discoveries or theories on dark matter and all that shiznay, but this is quite something else...

Link: http://www.fusor.net/board/view.php?bn=fusor_future&key=1136477350

The story in a nutshell: brilliant scientiest/(quantum) physicist comes up with loads of theories and formulas so vastly different from anything else that nobody understands it. However... What scientists do understand from his work has been proven to be very accurate and groundbreaking work that redefines some things in current physics/quantum physics paradigms. But here's the catch... Most of the guy's work that nobody understands states that if his formulas were to be applied and his designs were to be built, it would be possible to travel in 'hyperspace', allowing for example a space craft to travel from earth to mars in a few hours. Now I know these kinds of theories have been around for ages, but this guy actually worked out all the schematics for how to build it and has an amazing amount of credibility to back it up... It's just that it's all so deviant and complicated that nobody thus far has understood it well enough. It's pretty mindblowing to ponder the fact that this kind of Star Trek-like advances in physics have already occurred, the rest of the scientific world just has to catch up with this guy's findings...

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The article is really cool.I watch Stargate alot so im realy into this stuff right now.
What led you to the article? the web-site seems quite unspectacular.
If there really is an eight dimensional universe that can be fully accesed by hyperdrive it woul also be possible to suck energy from them like the dimensions that produces nuclear and electromagnetic radiations.
We might also pump the burned out nuclear material from nuclear power stations int anoother dimension
this is really cool thx 4 posting it.
btw what does shiznay mean ??
Shiznay is some sorta retarded slang for shit :) .

Yeah it's a pretty amazing article eh, found it on my reddit.com rss feed.
This does indeed take a different approach than most take, but the fundamental ideas are not completely original. People have been that there are more dimensions than we see since 1919. Many theories, most notably Super String Theory, use extra dimensions to allow Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity to work together. It makes mathematical sense on a number of different levels that there would be more dimensions than meets the eye, but unless this article is missing some crucial detail, the very notion that this "hyperdrive" is supposed to be built on is very shaky.
"Dröscher is hazy about the details, but he suggests that a spacecraft fitted with a coil and ring could be propelled into a multidimensional hyperspace. Here the constants of nature could be different, and even the speed of light could be several times faster than we experience. If this happens, it would be possible to reach Mars in less than 3 hours and a star 11 light years away in only 80 days, Dröscher and Häuser say."

This seems possible, but look at where the article says, "Here the constants of nature COULD be different.."
This makes it seem that there is no reason to believe that the constants of nature might be different, other than they might. For all they know, the speed of light could be several times slower. Who knows? It might be so slow as to limit the speeds that the atoms that make up the spacecraft move to a crawl, causing the astronauts to basically be in suspended animation-limbo forever. Sounds promising!
Faster-than-light travel would be nice, but then there'd be the problem of relativistic effects.
When traveling 11 light years in 80 days, there's no "going back" in the traditional sense. It would be as though you have time-traveled into the future, and there would be no going back to the past. For many purposes it would be impractical.
I'd probably volunteer, though.
You wouldn't have time traveled to the future, because:

a. The effect you are referring to is time dilation. This wouldn't apply, because you aren't really traveling faster than the speed of light. You are traveling on a plain with more dimensions with supposedly different constants of nature. So while you would be traveling faster than OUR speed of light, you wouldn't be traveling faster than a different speed of light. No time dilation, no breaking the laws of physics.
b. Even if there was time dilation, when you travel faster than the speed of light (If it were possible) than you would go back in time, not forward.
How is it flawed? I have no idea about any of this stuff so, just curious as to your thoughts.
how does it take for humans to travel to the moon with todays techonology? 3 days? and another 3 to come back while 1 day is for vacation?
how long does it take for humans to travel to mars with todays technology? 3 years or something like that?
light takes about 5 seconds to reach the moon
light takes about 3 minutes to reach mars

i must say that if we can actually achieve this, imagine the possibilites. i just hope he didn't make a mistake like 1+1=3 in his calculations. gotta study more now :(...
"light takes about 5 seconds to reach the moon
light takes about 3 minutes to reach mars"

It's 1.255 second earth to moon,
and some 4 to 20 minutes earth to mars (depending on the positions)
(earth to sun = 1 Astronomical Unit = 8 light-minutes. mars to sun = 1.5AU = 12 light-minutes)
Go read Hyperspace - Micho Kaku it got some nice theory's on how some of those idea's are possible and explains some could work.

Part I Entering the Fifth Dimension
1. Worlds Beyond Space and Time
2. Mathematicians and Mystics
3. The Man Who "Saw" the Fourth Dimension
4. The Secret of Light: Vibrations in the Fifth Dimension

Part II Unification in Ten Dimensions
5. Quantum Heresy
6. Einstein's Revenge
7. Superstrings
8. Signals from the Tenth Dimension
9. Before Creation

Part III Wormholes: Gateways to Another Universe?
10. Black Holes and Parallel Universes
11. To Build a Time Machine
12. Colliding Universes

Part IV Masters of Hyperspace
13. Beyond the Future
14. The Fate of Universe
15. Conclusion
To take advantage of possible properties of other dimensions for travel may require us to exist in that dimension. Can we? Would our atoms all separate? How would we get from dimension to dimension? Would have have people popping out of thin air? Would we pop into the middle of a tree? I enjoy Stargate over the years, the computational requirements are still years beyond our capabilities. We can today use a map program or a GPS to give us directions. The problem lies in actually doing it. As we drive, we have traffic and other obstacles that we must stop and wait for or go around. To travel even to Mars would require us to navigate debris fields. So tapping another dimension for power still doesn't remove the limitations of our known dimensions.
When cars were first invented people could drive on any side of the road, there were no speed limits, people got hurt. If/when this becomes possible, laws and systems will be put in place to make it work. But according to relativity, even if the craft did move faster than the speed of light, would the passengers not, technically, be fine?



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