I used to care a lot of the opinions of the others. After learning more and more about others I stopped caring. The main reason I think this happened was that most people seem to be, extremely fucking stupid.

I didn't stop caring about the issues and events that were dear to me. I'm not depressed about my own life. However I think the causes that often mean so much to others just don't grip me anymore.

I do my part with issues like homelessness, diseases and a few other mildly important causes but I think certain things just don't bother me anymore.

Religious persecution doesn't do anything for me at all anymore because I think religion is a tool that does wonders for the common idiots and powerful who seek to maintain control over them. I am not even the 'agnostic' I once thought of myself as... I'm a good natured atheist who looks down on the devoted worshippers as pathetic simpletons, too stupid to realize how pointless their faith is. I somehow managed to not become a horrible person even without god in my life. I guess morals and ethics are enough for me. In turn, when I hear of religious 'war' or 'persecution' I think of it as I do children fighting over toys.

That's only one example... I have many more that more or less come off as me being some snob with a superiority complex... maybe it's true but I JUST DON'T FUCKING CARE ANYMORE.

Should I embrace my newfound indifference? Or try to rekindle some facet of empathy I once prided myself in being full of?

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People care about others because they have a tendency to put them into that situation. If everyone tried hard to be successful, then no one would be in a position to be homeless, and you wouldn't have to care about them.

If everyone practiced good health, and made contributions to medical science, then there would be abundant research going on and enough money to keep everyone in relatively good health, and you wouldn't have to care about people who have diseases anymore.

You see, your feelings towards people who are less fortunate are founded by the fact that they are less fortunate, and completely ignore the why behind their position.

I could spend my entire life being noble and giving my all to help these people, but in the end, I am going to die just like them, and my efforts will have been for nothing.

Everyone is capable of being better than they are, so giving people excuses not to be better for themselves is the worst possible thing you can do for humanity.

Apathy is a good thing, my friend.
Not giving a fuck in general makes one a sad, bitter man. Reflect on this.
i guess there's no point in worrying about anything unless you're willing to do something about it... so, although you can still pin some opinions / a little value to a situation here and there, i don't suppose there's much of a reason at all to hold emotional regard, or even much interest at all ^^ aside giving us those further pieces of the puzzle that is the world we live in :x

people can be frustrating, though brushing them away doesn't improve the situation imo. tbh i think for the most part, i like the idea / concepts involved within the religions out there... it's people that seem to suck :x and make IT suck, i'm no longer surprised when i discover a person, who seems so similar to me, holds faith in a god of some kind... i do believe faith in gods to be a waste of time... though if i were to compare it to television, people spend such huge amounts of their spare time sat watching these things :x
"I think religion is a tool that does wonders for the common idiots and powerful who seek to maintain control over them",
if you were to replace "religion" with "television"? I'm not so much comparing the risk of each force, as i am just emphasizing another relevant issue... being the pointlessness + danger of over-indulgence. imo i'd take a stab at saying a life too heavily dependant of either will lead to bad things...
it's the people controlling all of this stuff that'll spread the stupidity ^^ people willing to exploit / manipulate the faith / susceptibility others have to the influence of these things... people make people stupid :P be it directly, or indirectly. delusional extremists / uneducated followers of a cause / situation they've been sucked into... be it unwavering bias to a feud of some kind... or the following of trends / the seeking out of social rewards given the possession of certain material things... i find, when talking strictly of wasting time ^^ at least the principles of religion bring with them the possibility of a fulfilled life, it's other, outside influences that determine the affect religion has on a person i figure ^^
tv on the other hand, pretty much sucks all round :) (freaking advertisements!!! >.<). "imo"... ofcourse ^^

sorry if that just turned into some kind of religious convo... can imagine the most of us are tiring of that stuff hmm ^^
i think not really being too bothered for opinions / "hot topics" of conversation by people is fine to an extent, that extent being the arrival of new information / angles to a discussion. i'm similar in my way of showing little intrigue when recycling my words occasionally. though when new information / ideas pop up, i do tend to be interested. although i may not care for a lot of things, "Ignorance is Bliss" is NOT really 100% the lifestyle i'd like to employ.
rather than all-out disregard of others, i think a constantly active search for new information / learning, and the honing of our opinions is the most rewarding approach ^^ if not the adoption of new opinions altogether if the counters are great enough hmm. me not caring for people's opinions in general would require me to find something better to do with the small amount of my time i dedicate to people ^^ if i value that thing enough... then sure :) i wouldn't think much of neglecting the majority of people out there... as i said though, the upside to discussing topics with people, is the possible honing of your understanding in whatever you take interest in ^^ fighting off counter-arguments / stating your own arguments all helps settle an opinion solidly in my mind i find, even then i've still been baffled here and there out of the blue by counter-arguments ^^
ie... i guess it's always nice to keep an eye out.... just in case :)
Actually, people believing in themselves is what helps them over come great difficulties. Religion is NOT responsible for that, and people who think otherwise are just pinning their confidence on religion, which is a terrible idea to begin with.

Religion in general is useless. Religion isn't the source of inspiration, and it isn't the source of morality. People find both of these things outside religion, so what exactly are you left with?
But anything we do everyday is religion...
I'm assuming that's off google; those can define religion, but if we look in a dictionary religion can also be defined as.

re.li.gion,... "a practice of devotion or conscientiousness, as: He has made a religion out of making money."
Timothy was and you decided to dismiss the intregity of it. I'm just saying, he wasn't incorrect... lol
This is another example of the destruction of language, and how difficult it makes discussion. Having concrete and universal definitions of words is essential to forward moving debate.

Here the word religion has been expanded to the point of utter meaninglessness, as well as being almost entirely divergent from the most common meaning of the word.
Because people don't do anything unless they believe that they can do it. It is irrelevant what inspires them to believe that, but if they don't believe in themselves, they won't do anything. In your example, the girl felt inspired to believe in herself because of 'god,' which is exactly what I meant by pinning her self confidence on religion.

It's a cop out. It is like me saying 'I get up and face the world everyday because of Ipower.' We know that Ipower is meant to give us tools to help us develop ourselves, but if we don't have our own self confidence, it doesn't matter what tools we have, we will not do anything.

You don't need to believe in god in order to believe in yourself, and believing in god isn't going to give you something that you can't get otherwise. Also, believing in things in general is not the foundation of self confidence, it is more like a deterrent of it.

If we say things like 'my faith in god kept me from committing suicide,' then we are using our belief in other things as a crutch. We are not doing anything for our own self confidence, and as soon as our beliefs subside, we are back where we started, feeling the exact same.

It is nice that people credit the source of their own self confidence to things other than themselves, but it is bullshit when it comes down to it, really.

Yes, it is my opinion that pinning your self confidence on religion, is a terrible idea. The point is that people who do so will not have a truly successful life. They will not grow within themselves, and they will not reach a point at which they can fully understand life and their place in it. They will always be disillusioned by their beliefs, and always sell themselves short.

When life gets hard, and they make it through, they will never say 'fuck yeah, I did it!' It will always be some 'thank you god for doing X for me, or thank you jesus for guiding me through this.'

Religion is useless because of this mask it places over your intellect, and dogma replaces your analytical abilities. You become just another sheep who can't think things through logically. Instead 'god did it because of X reason' becomes your logic.

Sorry, but self confidence > any religion. Belief in yourself > any other belief.
I think you're failing to realize that many individuals go through life, using religion as their self confidence, and being completely happy as would a person who holds all their prestige as their own. I agree that religion does do as you say with some people; however, degrees of belief in a religion vary from person to person. Also, depending what religion you look at highly determines if someone believes if a god grants them the ability to get over an obstacle. For instance, Deism. Benjamin Franklin was a devoted Deist. Deists believe God left the universe as it created it and proclaimed the highest gift given to man was the ability to be RATIONAL.

I know you're trying to prove a point, but generalizing everything is something society should try to avoid. >.>
It isn't a generalization. I have met a lot of religious people in the world, from the mildly religious to the overly religious.

I sold an old honda of mine one time. I put it on Craig's List for $400 and this guy called me up and drove 100 miles just to check it out. He took it for a test drive, decided it was well worth the $400, and decided to buy it from me.

As we were closing the deal, he asked me if I believed in god. I told him that I didn't, and he asked me if I wouldn't mind if he said a little prayer anyway. This guy was about late 20s, looked like a college kid, and seemed normal.

He said a normal prayer, and seemed like a good guy. Then he asked me why I didn't believe in god. I told him that there was an astounding lack of evidence supporting his existence, and the guy told me that he could manifest god right then and there.

He asked me if I would like to meet god, and I told him to get the fuck out of my house.

The moral of the story is this: religious people are definitely deluded in some way, though it varies widely with category and degree.

Not a single one is actually right minded enough to be completely rational, or they wouldn't be religious in the first place.

Oh, and before anyone else posts definitions of the word 'religion' here is the most accurate definition:

A ritualistic act or set of ritualistic acts that one engages in regards to superstitious beliefs.
If you can show me proof that God does not exist, I will agree to your point of view, becasue this all is this post is. None of it (apart from the stroy) is factual.

I am not religous, open to the concept, it is just too big for me to get my head around. So once you provide evidance that there is no God, then I will agree, but currently I feel you have a very closed and judgmental mind to people with religious views.

People claim they have seen God, and been affected by him, so it is their word, against people who don't belive. There is absolutely no evideance that a God does not exist.


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