I found this through Digg and through it was a really interesting topic. For those who don't watch the video the main question is broken down a little bit, where one guy states that 'they are just machinery', while the other poses: what if your brother was having sex with a robot that looked like your girlfriend? Or what if your girlfriend was having sex with a robot that looked like your brother?


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I didn't watch the video, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. I don't think it's cheating anymore than getting yourself off. As for: what if your brother was having sex with a robot that looked like your girlfriend? Or what if your girlfriend was having sex with a robot that looked like your brother? I would say that there are bigger issues at hand, lol.
Like what? If I had to guess it would be the fact that you need a robot to have sex at all, but isn't this just an extension of masturbation? Or an evolution of the vibrator?
I was thinking more on the lines of your girlfriend wanting to have sex with a robot that looks like your brother. The bigger issue would be that she is more into your brother than you, and with that fact you would have some serious issues in the relationship.
Well, is it cheating? That was the whole point of the question. The fact would be she's not sleeping with your brother, just something that looks like him. Does that mean she is cheating on you with your brother?

If you're in a relationship and having sex with a robot without your partner present then the relationship probably needs work, but that isn't what this discussion is about.
I don't think it's cheating. But if you are with your girlfriend and she is having sex with a robot that looks like your brother and they are both getting off on it- I think they both having issues. But I don't think it's cheating anymore than having/using any other kind of toy.
Do robots 'get off'?
lol 3 of them in the room, ones a robot- who's getting off?
OOOhhh I see now. The robot could fulfill a fantasy that would otherwise be impossible for some couples because they wouldn't see it as an intruder in the relationship.
Yes, that's was how I looked at the question.
Interesting way of looking at it.
Interesting. But of course being a doll and not a robot, it wouldn't be moving. For arguments sake, these robots are intuitive to sexual needs and have a sort of AI while having intercourse. It would not have any other means of functioning outside of sex. Is that just a much more interesting fetish?
well, consider this, is having sex with yourself cheating?

so i watched this great anime(i say great b/c it was hilarious) called "Chobits", for anyone who dont know what it is its basicly in the future where they build computers that look like people, they can follow you around, recieve calls, hack other computers, carry your things, keep grandma company, needless to say most of these computers look like chicks, and its implied they have all of the parts, underlying tone as you progress through the series is "yes, we have sex with our computers", then you find out there was this guy who actually married a chobit, in the show its big news b/c thats never happend before, but she was an older model and started breaking down until she was hit by a truck


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