And by that I mean I need a little help from you guys on a small research paper :)

I'm writing a small paper on stereotypes and social stigmas. I would greatly appreciate if  you guys could answer a few questions for me.

I'ts a very short, and very simple question.

What is the first thing to come to your mind when you read these categories?
 (Please put down the very first thing you think of, no matter what it is. Nothing said will be judged, and all data will be used anonymously)

1) Movie 

2) Evil

3) Book

4) Sexy

5) Politics  

6) Game 

7) Stylish 

8) Cool 

9) Terrorist

10) Music 

11) Lie 

12) Truth 

13) Corruption

14) Hero

15) Freedom

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer, this will help me a lot with a first hand research requirement that I need. I will be asking these same questions to many people personally, and in other forums as well.

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1) Grandma's boy

2) bad

3) Paper

4) Girl

5) Too much blabla

6) Logic/strategy

7) Good-looking

8) Cold

9) Religion

10) Happiness

11) Bad behavior

12) There is no truth / black and white

13) Apparant in everywhere, related to power and money

14) Courage

15) Running

1. a film reel

2. the devil's horns

3. inteligence stats in video games

4. a womans lower underwear garment

5. the houses of parliament in london

6. a pair of dice on a card board

7. sunglasses

8. sunglasses

9. a turban and a coiled red wire plugged into a timer

10. a quaver

11. a church

12. n/a

13. wormtongue

14. superman

15. the american flag ( I hate that this si what came into my mind. I think it's because of american politicians dropping the word 'freedom' like birdshit everywhere they go as a swiss-army-tool to gain instant respect and support from their naive peice-of-shit citizens)

1) Movie - Max Manus

2) Evil - Diablo

3) Book - Closely watched trains

4) Sexy - ass

5) Politics - Suit

6) Game - pure pwnage

7) Stylish - curves in color - like in photoshop

8) Cool - soda

9) Terrorist - counter strike

10) Music - a sound patch from drum and bass

11) Lie - My classmate

12) Truth - Lord of the rings (frodo and sam)

13) Corruption - corrupted disciple (champion from heroes of newerth)

14) Hero - The red one from dota2 ( trailer - what does a truly hero needs is up to you to decide)

15) Freedom - like speeches of american presidents from movies like armaggedon, but if i use it translated into our language as i almost in every point did, id say our teacher - his surname is Freedom literally translated

1) Harry Potter

2) Devil

3) Harry Potter

4) Photo models 

5) Left-wing

6) Saw (movie)

7) Hipsters

8) Summer clothes

9) Al Qaida

10) Drum and Bass

11) Meditation

12) Science

13) The Mob

14) Batman

15) Zeitgeist

1) Movie : Wizard of Oz

2) Evil : Satan

3) Book : 1984

4) Sexy : Me  :-)

5) Politics : Disgust

6) Game : Pokemon

7) Stylish : GQ

8) Cool : Me again.  :-)  {and Snoopy}

9) Terrorist : Tolga - lol

10) Music : Eric Clapton

11) Lie : Bad

12) Truth : Good

13) Corruption : Government

14) Hero : Fireman

15) Freedom : Detachment

1) Braveheart

2) Satan

3) Bible

4) jesus


6) Age of empires

7) clothes

8) me

9) osama bin laden

10) spotify

11) satan

12) jesus

13) satan

14) jesus

15) god

1) Movie: Tyler Durden 

2) Evil: Indifference

3) Book: Homework

4) Sexy: a badass

5) Politics: hopeless  

6) Game: Poker 

7) Stylish: comfortable clothes  

8) Cool: front flips

9) Terrorist: coercive people perpetuating bullshit

10) Music: good beats, intricate melodies, uplifting stuff

11) Lie: politicians 

12) Truth: stuff i want to know

13) Corruption: politics

14) Hero: The guy who voluntarily sacrifices himself for the well being of the community

15) Freedom: Changing environments, traversing anywhere at anytime on this planet instead of being stuck in one place for the rest of my life due to financial reasons. 

1) Movie - Crank.

2) Evil - The Joker.

3) Book - Library of Alexandria.

4) Sexy - Lingerie.

5) Politics  - Stand Strong for ones own beliefs.

6) Game - PS3 Video Games.

7) Stylish - Elvis Hairstyle.

8) Cool - Snoopy with sunglasses.

9) Terrorist - Free thinker.

10) Music - Harmonious Sound waves.

11) Lie - A Christian Pinocchio.

12) Truth - 9/11.

13) Corruption - Government.

14) Hero - Superman.

15) Freedom - Free growing forest.

1) 300. 2) Hitler. 3) Bible. 4) Model. 5) Congress. 6) World of Warcraft. 7) Celebrities. 8) The universe. 9) Muslim. 10) Dubstep. 11) Necessary. 12) Science. 13) Government. 14) Athene. 15) America

Although I note the stereotypes in some of my responses, I kept true to the first thing that came to mind. This helped me realize just how much society has conditioned experiment!

1) Harry Potter

2) Black

3) To kill a mocking bird

4) Curves

5) (Nothing comes to mind)

6) Starcraft 2

7) Ever-changing

8) Air-con

9) Octopus

10) Green Day

11) White lies

12) is sometimes painful

13) money

14) batman

15) birds

1) Movie - The Usual Suspects

2) Evil - Devil

3) Book - Reefer Madness (the one I am currently reading)

4) Sexy - Woman in a Bikini

5) Politics - Conservatives

6) Game - UK retailer in administration

7) Stylish - Suit

8) Cool - Penguin in a Tuxedo

9) Terrorist - Islam

10) Music - Beautiful Day, U2

11) Lie - Abundance

12) Truth - Scarcity

13) Corruption - Central America

14) Hero - Athene

15) Freedom - WW2

Make sure to post your findings, Im eager to read it! :)


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