I think today is the most important day of my life and I thought I would share why with you guys. 


I just started my first semester going away to college this month.  I have been attending community college for 2 years but I was constantly changing the program I was in and what I wanted to do.  As a result, I didn't have many credits so I had to start clean when I went away.  Anyway, today is the last day for students at my school to get a full withdrawal of their tuition money.  I watched Zeitgeist 1 and 2 about 3 days ago and it had a major impact on my perspective of the world.  I was really depressed.  Partially because of the content but mostly because of the reaction almost all of friends gave me who had actually watched the movie themselves.


The ones that made me most sad was not the people who didn't want to accept the reality that society was fucked up, but it was the people who HAVE already accepted this reality and gave up.  They say things like, "Yeah pretty messed up, but we can't do anything about it."  The social manipulation of society has gone so deep that it has taken away people's self worth and therefore it has taken away their ability to recognize their own power.


So I've been thinking, what I could do to change this.  "What could I do to change the world?"  Early this morning I came to the conclusion that it lies in education.  I have to teach people to recognize their own self-worth.  I have to teach people how to identify negative social manipulation.  I have to teach people what they are really capable of.


I was enrolled in Computer Engineering Technology.  I am going to school today to speak with my counselor and see if there is a program for me.  If not, I am going to withdraw and teach myself. I'm going to tell them that I don't just want to be an educator of knowledge.  Math, science, philosophy, etc.  But I want to be and educator of self.  To teach a new subject in schools that empower kids and adults.  I want to teach them not to act like what they are labeled, but to act as human beings.  I want to teach them that you must find out who you really are before you find out how you want to live your life.  I want to teach them that they can learn something from anyone and everyone. And pretty much everything that Ipower stands for. 


So I'm going to make this post and leave for school.  This is still a pretty vague goal for me so feel free to post ways on how I can achieve this and what I could teach.  Thank you for your attention.

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As i'm almost spamming this forum i might as well give my input here too :)


It's a bit hard to understand what you expect from teaching self-development, do you want for it to become your job with a salary and all that, or is it just the one thing that makes sense doing and that's that. Because you know you won't get paid if you will teach something that won't contribute to the economy. There was a topic about failing school here, bad or not bad, take it as you want. Anyways, thumbs up for desiring to make a change, make sure you are able to live sufficiently so that you can pursuit the goal without problems.

there is a study for that it's called philosophy, but don't expect to make a lot of money. living in poverty may sound glamorous right now (hollywood did a great job at that) but that shit will get old very very quickly, sad part will be when you wont have enough money to put your own kids through college.

and as a side note DO NOT believe everything you hear from zeitgeist a lot of it is complete bullshit....a lot of it.

Well I guess you could call it philosophy, but what I am going for specifically is ethics.  I want to teach people to be ethical.  You rarely find people with a lot of money or power who are ethical.  This is because when you live with an economy based on money, you cannot AFFORD to be ethical.  For example, if most people were trying to sell a car and they knew there was a problem with it, they most likely wouldn't tell the customer you could get a cheaper car with no problems at all at the car shop next door.  They wouldn't make a profit.  And I don't care if I don't make money, I'm not having a child unless society changes.  It would be cruel to raise a child in the world we live in today.


And a lot of people tell me that about Zeitgeist.  "Don't believe everything you hear from it."  Even if you don't believe what is said, it's not hard to look at society and see that it is messed up.  Zeitgeist merely presents a reason for that.  And I find that reason logical.


And a lot of people don't believe what they see in Zeitgeist because they claim it isn't creditable.  They watch it and because it's a low-profile documentary (compared to hollywood standards), they immediately put up a wall; then discredit the rest of the information they could have gained.  Think about it.  If you saw that documentary in the movies and promoted on TV, don't you think you would have reacted to it a little differently?

And what if instead of using the word government in the movie, they replaced it with the word republican.  What about Jew?   Or terrorist.  These are the questions people need to be asking themselves when someone is forcing an idea into their head (either good or bad). 

have you taken a philosophy class? i'm guessing no, but everything you just wrote is pretty much what it's about and philosophy does deal with ethics a lot actually that's a huge part of it since there is no right or wrong answer for it.

about zeitgeist well you can tell yourself that people don't believe because it's a small production thing w/e, you can tell yourself that the world is a fucked up place, that people are stupid, that people have no consciousness and need you to tell them how to live their lives. it's really up to you, just remember things might not be as they seem. you mentioned republicans and terrorists, what's wrong with them?


"You rarely find people with a lot of money or power who are ethical"  how do you know that? what is being ethical? why should people be so called ethical?


again do what you want but do not let your assumptions of the world get the best of you, my advice would be to major in w/e you want but make sure there is a job market for that major then go on to become a teacher or something.



I guess ethics is not the right word to use.  I want to teach people how to find their "inner self".  To find what it means to be an individual. There is nothing wrong with republicans or terrorists.  To me they are just people with different view points.  That doesn't necessarily mean they are my enemies.

And you are absolutely correct.  However, I believe that money corrupts people and distorts reality.  With the monetary economy we have, people are forced to compete against each other in order to merely survive.  If you don't go to work, then you can't eat.  Why should things be this way with the technology we have today?  It just doesn't make sense to me.


And I never said people were stupid.  :P

What I'd suggest is, if you want to maximize you potential/impact in teaching, or reaching your goal, then in some extent you have to be that "educator of knowledge" that person who contributes to the economy, the person people listening to.

Just as the ipower crew did with the Athene series on yt, wow livestreamin, playing poker. These were platforms to reach a big audience.

i hope you find a balance between 'low budget documentary'  and that 'sell out hollywood' :-)

good luck


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