ShareCraft Celebrity Tweet-Bombing (and other ideas)

ShareCraft has been AMAZING thus far, 10 days in and very nicely ahead of pace. However... It's quickly getting harder every day. We are just one community and it looks like we are running out of financial resources to keep pushing it ourselves. Every few days we're lucky with a few huge surprise donations saving the day but if we wanna hit the target, we have to get other communities and other influential people involved.

Plan #1: Tweet-bomb celebrities. Ask them in effective ways to spread the word or support the cause in any way possible.

This thread is here for ideas and suggestions (what do we tweet? who do we tweet-bomb?).

My current view on this: we should target huge celebrities who are also gamers and who are clearly very active and responsive on Twitter. Chances we get their attention are much higher because, since this will be mostly coordinated with the AtheneLive audience, we can make clear that we're gamers trying to stop a massive hunger crisis and save starving children. We can also do celebs who aren't gamers and tweet at them in a more general not-gamer-oriented way but they absolutely must be very responsive on Twitter (check their timeline, see if they reply to tweets).

Other ideas about how we can make it go bigger are more than welcome as well.

edit: just to be clear, this is about synchronized large-scale tweetbombings that we will coordinate through the livestream, just like we did with the our very influential SOPA/PIPA stunt

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#1 - I'm surprised that you didn't feature this, so I'll do it for you.  :-)  

#2 - Sorry to be a critic, but I'm not so sure that "bombing" celebrities is such a great idea.  This charity drive isn't the same as the SOPA awareness campaign where you wanted to antagonize the politicians.  And celebrities are not the same as kids on a cam-site, either.  Rather than feel flattered and amazed by such an action, Tweet-bombing may only piss them off and make them think negatively of you.  Just sayin.  

I could see you guys asking the Athene "army" to collect celebrity emails & Twitter addresses for you though, which could then be used in an advertising campaign to bring your cause to their attention.

#3 - Although I don't "tune in" to watch you guys streaming as much as I'd like to, I have to say that I've been surprised at a few of the things I have seen lately - and not in a good way.  It has disappointed me a little, personally, to see the Crew demeaning themselves for the promise of a few dollars here & there in donations.  Maral especially seems to be the target of such embarrassing requests, with people asking her to draw words or pictures on her face, or to have you guys pour water on her head, etc.  Dancing for the audience is one thing; but that kind of stuff is something else; imho.  

I mean, since when did Athene start doing cartwheels and standing on his head for $10 ?

Is this the face of desperation?  :-D

I did love it when you imitated the Techno Viking the other day, though.  Lmfao at that.  XD

Reese the Techno Viking (Techno Viking's long lost brother)

#4 - Keep in mind that not all "celebrities" are necessarily Hollowood movie stars. The Pope is a pretty influential guy, for example, and I don't think he has ever starred in a movie.  lol 

So you could also target people who have influence and/or money, but who may not be "stars".  ;-)

Too late to add this to my last comment - 

#5 - Have you considered using the Causes website to widen your exposure?  It was started by one of the co-founders of Facebook and is still one of their most widely used applications.

#2: Good point, this is why we have to communicate enthusiasm when we tweet at celebs, rather than complain or take any sort of aggressive stance.

#3: We don't feel we've been doing demeaning things at all, it's all in good fun imo.

edit: And that's not the face of desperation, somebody donated $2500 for that request. About writing names on foreheads and such, those are just creative things we ourselves came up with to drive bigger donations. All pretty silly and harmless imo.


Jah.. I hope you guys know that I love you.  Not being a hater here or anything - and I would probably have a much more positive opinion about everything that I have seen if I actually watched the streams more often and knew more of the details involved behind some of the craziness.  I hope I didn't come across as a complete prick above ^.  I really do respect what you all are doing - very much.  I would most definitely paint my face or stand on my head for $2500.  :-D

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I'm shocked and disappointed at total biscuit's lack of responses to this. He usually does a lot for charity. It doesn't even need to be a big thing but if he made just one vlog of a few minutes promoting sharecraft, it would help out a lot. I comment sharecraft 2012 on every TB video now but nothing :\

I wish there was more I could do...

In other news, when you guys hit the million bucks I'm gonna donate again, the number of days remaining in $ :D Would this still kinda be attributed to sharecraft?

*I'd donate more now but I'm broke :\ jobless and gotta eat myself. I'd love to fast too but I dunno how to do it safely yet...


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