I am just going to share some thoughts i have on these subjects. I feel that discussing helps me see subjects from different angles, so please, feel free to add your thoughts!

The ultimate goal of change, is peace, prosperity and human evolution. I have been thinking a lot, and i have concluded that peace won't happen until the world unites. As long as there is "us" and "Them", we can't have true peace. International relationsships will always be strained. 

This is true for economics too. As long as there are several economic systems that "feeds" to diffrents governments, the whole world can't prosper. There is also the fact that in the world today, money is a meens to power. In an ideal world, the government must not be affected by the money of others.

Additionaly, a communistic system won't work. People needs to be rewarded for hard work and good ideas, or else evolution will stop.

And then, we have religion. Religion is still about us and them. Unless the religions can come to an agreement, they will hinder change...

And to the religious people out here; i had a discussion with a person on the chat and he asked me to question this in a thread:

If you believe that god, jesus or other holy instances exists within you, and you also believe that those holy instances will help bring change to the world, does that not directly translate into the fact that you have the potential to help change the world if you just welcome the thought and  the work?

People, discuss! 

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lol shiznit is having fun... if you would read the bible in full you would see it's not true at all :-)

Yeah I agree that the ten commandments aren't bad ideas, but i mean thou shall not kill is kinda universal tho, its not exsactly something that the ten commandments came up with. and neither are the other ones if you look back in history.

You got many instances of other polytheistic cultures coming up with the same stuff, the code of Hammurabi for one had a plethora of ideas on how to stop murder, adultery, rape, and so fourth.

Even still, these are more universal Ideas, and really weren't what i was referring to. I mean don't spread beliefs about things that you could never know, things like why we are here, and what happens when we die.

The ten commandments touch about mortal issues that could be considered visually bad. They are things that we can see with our own eyes to be both evil acts that hurt peoples feelings, or acts that mam them physically. 

Just to play devils advocate a bit, How exactly do we know that murder is wrong, I wouldnt want to be killed, but does it make it wrong to actually kill? Or adultery, or theft, who makes those things wrong?

I mean, death is a bit tricky with religion isn't it? why not just have one person kill us all, when a strong religious person will go to a better place either way?

Are you saying there's no reason to kill? Because there are legitimate reasons. 

Also, you're going to have trouble convincing me that I'll need god's forgiveness.

also.. idk bout a one world belief system....

In order for that to happen i think that it has to be a certainty. 

Like, we would have to know for sure what happens when u die and the answers to all the big questions.

Not saying thts impossible or anything.

But if its just a blind belief that everyone subscribes to, then that doesnt sound good to me. Kinda sounds facist

I want to start of by excusing my english. I am currently lying sick in bed with 40 degrees of fever, so my brain doesn't work properly.  

 I always tend to think of Maslows pyramid of needs. We represent the the top level of his pyramid. That's why it seems so easy for us. Many of you might even think: "Why doesn't all people simply understand this?" (referring to Elias' theory of a singular government  and unified ec)

We have already established our basic, physical needs for food, air and water. If we want the whole of humanity to unite, we must first establish a way for all people to have all their physiological needs  fulfilled.

Humanitary projects are no joke. It doesn't only help those crying on-screen children and their moms from death by starvation, it helps them expand their vision.

People who have an endless resource of food, air and water will start to look for other needs. They will start prioritizing safety. 

It is when these two criteria are fulfilled people finally start to prioritize love, compassion, family and belonging.

If we can manage to fulfill those simple needs for all people on earth, we would have jump started the revolution. But to do this, we would have to give up our luxury. Our wealth. We must take the first step.


I hope you can get at least something out of this, because in my boiling brain, it sounds really smart. Thank you. 


I've never had a problem with religion or the people that believe in it peacefully, anyone with a good knowledge of world events can see that people have bad blood over ethnic ties/religion or use that religion to manipulate people for their own agendas. Just to name a few theres clashes between muslim militias and christian's in the congo and theres a christian militia running rampant in Kenya also killing for their cause *thats just in Africa, much more*. 

Despite that, and as much as I don't like religious people rubbing that stuff in your nose or trying to ban condoms or whatever, I don't think one religion/government/etc is the ultimate solution *even if ideally it could work, would take alot of time to do this*. I think the real solution lies in education, there's a huge lack of it in many non western countries, and I'm not just talking about books either. Educate the people *of the world*, and spread understanding, those ipower ideals, people will be able to understand for themselves. It won't just make all the bad stuff disappear, I promise theres still going to be problems, but more people will have a better chance to choose their own way.

You are right about the need for education. The problem is to offer proper education in the poorer part of the world. 

The solution - again - i think lays in a global state/government, where the monney always will be spread equaly into the whole global society. In that way the whole world will get proper education. The paradox is that the poor part of the world might need higher education to help create this global society. 

Not trying to defend the rich people who only keep their wealth to themselves, but the rich people do create jobs by starting businesses, so earning more isn't a bad thing. So by 'spreading the wealth'  that's essentially communist, and it's not practical. People do need to earn the wealth they have. You don't need wealth to have a proper education, there are ways to get scholarships or work out a payment plan for college. 

I don't even think a world government is possible. Many people have tried to rule the world, the British empire covered like 2/3rds of the world and they lost it all. Same with the Romans, French, and many others. Maybe they could have succeeded if they done things differently, but at the moment we have the UN, which seems to have little credibility or influence. 

Yeah but the rich people giving out jobs stay in business by exploiting the workers underneath them.

Exploiting? No, not even close

Exploiting would be making people sex slaves, would be not paying them at all, or would be telling them to do unreasonable things to keep their job. Or a combination of all of the above.

Karl Marx doesn't disprove Adam Smith, in fact history proves Karl Marx wrong. Communism sets itself up so that the people are exploited by the government. In Capitalism, this is really not the case, the market is free, any citizen can make money their way, even be their own boss. It's a good system, history proves it.

No you don't know what communism is. you dont, its obvious. Your logic is also flawed because just because one this has not worked in the past, or something hasnt happened in the past (communism in this case, because its never been done correctly, something i have already explained and you have ignored.)  in no way means it wont work. 

As for Capitalism exploiting people, what do u call sweat shops? thats exploitation.

I mean... where the hell do u think profit comes from man?

Unpaid labor

come back at me with facts dude


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