I am not a scientist and I do not know much about physics. This might be more of a philosophical discussion.


Before the big bang, many theories claim that time did not exist. Time as we know it is the fourth dimension we know here on earth. We cannot move in time like the other dimensions, not yet at least, because we cannot cross the speed of light. I saw a documentary on discovery with Stephen Hawking's theories on time, where he claimed that time travel was possible and happens all the time (unfortunately part 1 has been removed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykQZAgJJnSI). Extremely small wormholes are around us all the time, and if we could make these bigger and travel through them, then we would indeed travel in time. This can also be used to reach planets faster then normal. We just don't have the technology yet.


This leads me to the questions, What was there before the big bang theory?  Did time exist?

You can only take a guess on this question, since even the most talented scientists have not answered this yet ;b



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Basically you need to think of the idea of "Information Travel".

We have a law called "Conservation of Information" in physics, this is similar to other laws such as the conservation of Energy, conservation of Mass, and conservation of Angular Momentum. There are others.

Basically what you are asking is how can we see into a land where these laws do not hold true.

The fact of the matter is that due to the law of Conservation of Information, we will never know what lies beyond the borders of our universe in any of the 3 spacial directions or the 4th direction you mentioned... time. 

The only way we can find out what happened to create our universe is to make observations of how it behaves and maybe this can give us a clue to how it formed. Or perhaps you could invent some sort of machine that could allow you to travel "Outside" our universe that holds planet Earth.

The truth is that is way too far from our horizon of possible understanding right now and as much as it hurts me to say this, you really should consider asking different questions because even the top theoretical physists right now are light years away from coming to a conclusive answer on this. They probably never will. Especially if we don't start fixing some of the social problems that we currently have in the world. We may destroy ourselves long before we find the true nature of the universe we live in. Sorry though, wish I could help but that is a very grim topic and the truth of the matter is the answers that you seek are currently utterly unavailable and any discussion on the topic really is just speculation and idea throwing. Which of course is good, but don't expect the intellectual nourishment you are looking for.

Professor Michio Kaku explains how the big bang and everything came from "nothing". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ci6gVvdil8 There are many concepts and theories that explain what was before the big bang and there is not a certain answer and might not be one in many years because there are always new concepts, explanations and answers emerging constantly thanks to science.
Space theories makes my brain hurt. I like this little planet. I love documentaries on space and the like though.I tried to think about how far it is until you reach as far as you can go, and then there is still the same distance available for you in front of the distance you just traveled.  WOW  when I die if theres anything left of my pcychi I want to go see some of those far off swirling wirlepools of firey gasses and big rocks.

I hope you're familiar with the Kalaam cosmological argument. I know you fellas on this site will think I'm just spreading religious propaganda, but I'm just stating my views on what I find to be very relevant topics :)


Here it goes"


The Kalām cosmological argument :

(1) Everything that has a beginning of its existence has a cause of its existence.
(2) The universe has a beginning of its existence.


(3) The universe has a cause of its existence.
(4) The cause must be a transcendent, powerful, uncaused being, and this is the description of God


(5) God exists.



Perhaps there was time/space before the Big Bang, we'll never know until we die (And we might not even find out). However, I happen to believe that the universe and all physical existence had a beginning. But thinking about what was around before time is a mindfrag ಠ_ಠ

I think we should not come to the conclusion of a God as a creator when we do not know much about the universe and about God. this is a video that explains the failure of the Kalam Cosmological Argument http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_676IeyJNQ

Well, perhaps some form of matter or physical existence had existed before the Big Bang, as is the discussion. However, that particular thing had to have a beginning itself, yes? And before that, and before that, and in general I don't think this could go on forever. Looking at science as we currently have it, I'm forced to believe in some intelligent, transcendent being actually causing the big bang, or whatever was before it to bring everything into existence. I'm not simply going to wait and say "Well Science is still working on it so I wont believe anything". I will believe science as it is now. If it manages to disprove certain things I believe later on, I will believe science, however, as it is now, there seems to me such evidence of a intelligent creator before the Big Bang as I see it.

What took place before something that isn't proven seems irrelevant to me. I think that our true answer will present itself as we learn more about the universe itself.

If you were the size of an ant, do you think that you would ever know whether or not the earth was round?Now what if you were the size of an atom? Would it make sense for a person that small to think about how the earth became round and what shape it could have been before?

Now I am as open minded as anyone, and i don't think that answers are hopeless to strive for, but proof is always in the pudding. 

Thanks for reading!

uhhh there is a LOT of evidence for the big bang...a lot, something like that cannot be proven 100% all we can do is go by the evidence we have which strongly suggest that the big bang did happen everything about the big bang has been proven to be possible the only thing is that we cannot tell for sure whether it happened or not (and we never will). and your logic is pretty damn stupid. if an ant had a brain with the capacity that we have and the ability to create tools like us, yes they too would figure out sooner or later that the earth is round (took us humans a while to figure it out ourselves). and compared to the size of the earth we pretty much are ants too, and to the universe we're smaller than an atom, but our size has nothing to do with our ability to think, you should try it sometimes. now just to troll here a little, who is to say that ants do not know that the earth is round?
I agree....
Well, from what I understand time as we know it, started at the moment of the big bang. We can think of this as the beginning of our universe. However, that does not necessarily mean that there was not time before the big bang. Some scientists believe that our universe is not THE universe. In fact, many believe that there are a multitude of universes, resembling something like bubbles scattered throughout space (or whatever). Universes could be popping up every second, instantaneously being created and destroyed. And as Reese said before the laws of physics were born in the moment of the big bang. Too much gravity, and the universe will collapse upon itself, too little and nothing will coalesce and form stars. So, this leads me to another question to ask all of you. Is our universe the only universe? Or could there be hundreds, if not thousands of other universes floating close by? Just some food for thought... 
As the word universe translates to me as describing everything in one word. Really the notion of there being more than we thought is just to say the definition of universe simply needs to be expanded. So what we called the universe is just bigger than we assumed before.As the deep feild images reveal an idea of what goes on and on forever. There doesnt seem to much more potential for things other than spirals of suns and stuff expanding collapsing and spinning around. Lots to speculate on though.

Time before Big Bang?

There are infinite Big-Bangs.

The universe is in a continously contracting, expanding,contracting,expanding,... to the infinite

Without time this universe is impossible to exist. To exist universe needs TIME and SPACE.

Maybe Im wrong.

This is what I understood from discovery channel XD



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