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'God is in The Neurons' is the first chapter of the 'Athene's Theory of Everything' documentary and covers the research that was done by Chiren Boumaaza, (aka 'Athene',) in the year 2010 -- which was why he disappeared from his usual viral YouTube series for most of that year.  Known mainly for his record-setting World of Warcraft and online poker stunts and for the extravagance he portrays in his videos, Boumaaza has been seen as a genius by some, a 'troll' by others, but as an incredibly capable gamer and entertainer by most.


Developments in neuroscience and sociology from the past decades have shed light on many aspects of human psychology that are only now beginning to be discussed in the fields of 'self-help' and self-development.  While there is a lot of literature on the subject from authors that range from popular lifecoaches such as Tony Robbins to spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Chiren saw a huge lack in material that takes a purely scientific approach. 'God is in The Neurons' makes important correlations about mirror neurons, neuroplasticity, memory, social dynamics, evolution, altruism and identity.

Note that the high-definition and iPhone versions of this video that we had previously linked here as available on MegaUpload are no longer available at this time.  You can, however, still download high-definition and mp4 versions of our videos from YouTube with a good video download program, such as the one produced by Freemake


Download "Athene's Theory of Everything"

(the full two-chapter documentary, incl. God is in The Neurons) (1080p mp4: torrent)

or watch the full documentary on YouTube here:  Athene's Theory of Everything.


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Edited, Directed & Narrated by Reese Leysen

Based on research by Chiren Boumaaza

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