I Power Community Guidelines


Each member is entitled to one, and only one, username. If you are caught using multiple usernames, you will be subject to immediate and permanent banning. Banned members can consult the site administrator (boden.mitchell@gmail.com) if they need more information on the reasons for their ban.

2.Expected Behaviour

I Power is a place for civil discussions and aims to be family-friendly. No explicit content of any sort is allowed. Heated debates are welcome, as long as they abide by the established guidelines. If an administrator or moderator sees that a post or poster violates these guidelines, their content may be closed or deleted, and the posters may be permanently or temporarily suspended. Please keep in mind that there is no tenure granted on this forum. Your post count or association with other members does not protect you from being suspended. Additionally, bans are not necessarily precipitated in their entirety by a single violative event. The sum of all actions leading up to a member’s removal is taken into account, so what may appear to be a minor breach of conduct may actually be the final occurrence in a long string of offenses.

Most misunderstandings can often be cleared up by contacting the site administrator (boden.mitchell@gmail.com) but openly discussing moderation issues on the website (including the groups, forums, blog section, or chat) is not permitted, for the simple reason that sensitive issues like this are best discussed in private and might otherwise lead to an escalation of the problem.


You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use I Power to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, encourages illegal activity, or is otherwise violative of any law. Sexual, racial, and ethnic slurs will not be tolerated in any form and are bannable on the first offense. It is recommended that cursing be held to a minimum as it does not promote civil conversation. Foul language in the form of insults directed towards other members may also result in a suspension. And, since this is an international social networking site, it is required that everyone use English in public posts. Your use of the English language doesn't have to be perfect, but incomprehensible rambling in the forums may lead to your thread being closed or removed.

Excessive use of caps must also be avoided.


Trolling is considered to be the act of purposely being disingenuous to an active discussion. Negative commentary on given topics is by no means disallowed; however, such comments should attempt to be substantiated. No matter your supposed intent, if the forum moderators perceive you as a troll, making unsubstantiated comments in an attempt to provoke the forum body, actions may be taken against you.


Images of a sexual or profane nature are discouraged. Images presenting exposed genitalia, bared buttocks, and/or female nipple/aureola are not allowed. Outside of this, common sense and a "safe-for-work" rule should be the primary considerations. Also, spamming the forum with the same image is not allowed and is subject to banning.


Outside advertisements or solicitations promoted by posting messages, private messaging, or emailing users via I Power is unacceptable and will be subject to banning. This also includes any form of excessive posting that bears no real relevance. Examples include: pyramid schemes, repeatedly promoting your own website, etc.

7. Content

The focus of I Power is on self-development in a generally rational and scientific way. Posts which focus heavily on spiritual, New Age, or nonsensical and incoherent content may be closed or removed by the forum moderators if they are considered to be out of place. Repeatedly posting such content can result in a suspension.

Moderation Policy

We reserve the right to remove any content posted. While it is true that we are often active on fronts where we passionately defend the freedom of speech, for the sake of community management it is impossible to allow absolute freedom of speech on a social network.  I Power has always been to some extent a curated platform; and we reserve the right to remove any content that is deemed to be irrelevant or counter-productive to the focus and goals of the site.

Any user who encounters any form of objectionable material posted on the site is encouraged to notify one of the Moderators or the site administrator about it.



If you haven't done so yet, please check the descriptions of each forum category before posting in them in order to know whether or not your post is appropriate there. If a post of yours gets removed, it is probably because it either breaks community guidelines or is not in the appropriate place. Don't worry though, we rarely remove posts, and we always attempt to privately notify the members when we do to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. Unlike the main forum categories, Groups and Blogs on the site are places where you can post content on almost any topic.  Our main aim is to provide the ultimate discussion ground for self-development here. We do not aim to be a platform that can be used to get exposure for anything you like (although Groups & Blogs can sometimes be used for this.)  And we do not censor posts because of specific ideologies -- we simply want to ensure that everything ends up in the appropriate place on the site.

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Original Content Only. As much as we can appreciate really cool videos, the Internet is simply filled with too many of them for us to have them all on our site. So please, only submit Original Videos, as in vid's you have done yourself, like Vlogs for example. We will make occasional exceptions to this rule, such as for certain science or educational videos, but they must directly correlate to ASC, I Power, and Self-Development.
  • Relevant Content Only. If the video is not related to the community, to self-development, or to activism in any way... we probably won't approve it.
  • No Music Videos!  We all love our music, but there are a bunch of other cool websites for that.
  • File Size may not exceed 100MB, and must be in one of the following file formats: .3g2, .3pg, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .wmv .
  • Keep it clean! Videos must adhere to the Community Guidelines above.
  • If we like your video, we may even feature it!

The I Power social network is free of charge; maintained and supported by the I Power Belgian 'Crew'; and does not work with any form of sponsorship or merchandising. The only direct financial support that we encourage is through donations.

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