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Acknowledgements - Bachir, Reese, and all of you guys.

Dear Everyone,

First of all, thanks to you all. This year I successfully graduated, due in no small part to this community, as well as to Bachir and Reese. I hope this medium to be the proper place to express my acknowledgements, but if not, then please forgive me.

This was a long journey, and I finally have my bachelor's degree in applied linguistics. I wanted to say thank you for all the influential videos and content this community has been producing, to the channel…


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Happy Times Await All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Evolution of social norms or Archetypes, or both?

So, me and my friend recently talked a lot about this. I feel that we DO have some sort of hivemind, but it may be just that, a hivemind. Not some spooky everyone can read everyones mind, but just collectively shared ideas that we may be SUFFERING from that nobody wants to adress, or simply good stuff like "don't murder your neighbour over a dispute".

Or is it that we have premade frames for our personalities and so on? Alan Watts and Carl Jung would go this way, but here's…


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Reality - more like a dream. Dream more like a reality.

Reality - more like a dream. Dream more like a reality.  Who I am, when my body does not control me? Who am I,…


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So, I justified his stance. I do not live tomorrow, the next day or the next year. I live - today, right now. I do not aspire to be rich…


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So I made a game... Wanna try it?

I posted on here too long ago about a project I was working on. Well at last it is done!

For many years I always wanted to be a game designer and here is my first crack at it. I bring to you Ring of Udrai Elite Edition. Made with RPG Maker VX Ace it is a JRPG adventure game built upon the foundations of a tutorial I found online. It got a bit out of hand and grew into a much larger game than the tutorial had initially started.

If you ever played JRPGs…


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My life in 3 minutes #4

Hello again! It has been almost 4 years since my last blog! Wow, where does the time go? To begin, I enrolled into business school in 2012. What a change! It's difficult adjusting to the professional environment. However, I feel like I'm meant to become something greater than just a simple business man. How do I find my niche?

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Save The Whales


Sign this petition to urge California to stop Sea World imprisoning orcas!

SeaWorld just got busted by a US government agency for violating the Animal Welfare Act -- and we may have a rare chance to end its animal cruelty for good.

SeaWorld imprisons orca whales in tiny, cage-like…


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Plant based diet for improved emotional health.

It is widely understood that plant based diets have significant health benefits in reducing risk of diabetes, cancer among…


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Reading books

I struggled (and sometimes still do) to keep up the habit of reading or finishing a book which I starting reading.  I am now getting better and have built some reading routine in my life.

Provided I go to bed early enough I will read before sleeping, and provided I have enough spare time before going to work in the morning I will read before jumping in my car.

I think the main things that helped me were combining my habit of drinking coffee or tea with reading and not…


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Parents responsibility

It has become a fundamental part of a parents life to be concerned about whether the parenthood they are giving is proper. Many are constant worrying about if they are "good parents", but they do not want to acknowledge that what is needed for their kids is not to constantly reminding them of what they should think and feel, but instead supporting them in finding their own way. But for this to happen, the parents also need to found their own way independent of what their parents told…


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Reverse Ageing - is it possible?

 I am just a Junk yard auto mechanic but I think/feel that Reverse Ageing process is being unraveled and the end result will let us humans live 1000+ years. Can any one tell me or send a Link to further explore this Mind boggling aspect of science? Maybe you are a researcher.........Best of Luck! 

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Be you

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all doing great!

This is my new post on being you!

Thanks :)

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3 quick tips to be happy!

Check out my new post!

Better-Life Now


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I’m afraid that I will realize the immensity of what this life is the hour before I die.

We’ve been talking small opinions, likes and dislikes, beliefs and disbelieves, we’ve all been rambling pre-programmed bullshit to the point that we are not able to grasp anything that could be meaning or useful to us. We’ve been dampening our experience of life to the point where it is almost none existing. We could just as well be talking to robots instead. The fact is that we have never been any kind of person, we have always just been. We’ve been being complete all along, and I’m…


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Where the Hemp Blossoms!

I came across this Event today on Facebook and thought, "Wow! Now that is a really creative and ingenious activism idea!"  And even though I don't smoke weed myself I do support its legalization, so I thought I just had to share this with you all. I'd like to see this go viral. :-D…


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And so it begins...

I saw this article today and it freaked me the fuck out: 

If You Wear Google Glass to the Movies, the FBI Might Come After You 

#1 Because I lived in Columbus, Ohio for most of my life, and I never expected anything like that ever happening in this State. Ohio is a pretty progressive State overall, even though we do have a lot of…


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Finally back!


It's been a while since I was on I-Power.
Looking forward to become active again. Recently I've started a blog, come check it out!


Alex B

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Hello, old friends!...and so my story begins...again.

Hello! It's been a very long time! While I doubt that my leave was of grandeur (or even my return), I just wanted to come back on this wonderful site full of awesome people.

To start this off, I made my account during the summer because I usually get a little depressed from the almost constant boredom I endure at the time. Oh well, at least through all the solitaire Thoreauesque thinking I have become more of a "thinking man", rather than a "man thinking"... AP US history and English…


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Finally finished with the next and last Polaris Flagship album!

Castle Sequence is a story of a girl named Hollow Burrow. She lives in a time when the world was just beginning to shape. Mostly scattered villages can be found in this world, though there are a few kingdoms growing too. Hollow teams up with the world’s first detective to explore the world. During their travels they find a sound projector among some ruins in a place known as the Galishaven desert. As they are playing with the nobs, a song comes on, then after it is…


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Acknowledgements - Bachir, Reese, and all of you guys.

Dear Everyone, First of all, thanks to you all. This year I successfully graduated, due in no small part to this community, as well as to Bachir and Reese. I hope this medium to be the proper place to express my acknowledgements, but if not, then…See More
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