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Kucinich Ready To Go After The Federal Reserve

"We don't have to borrow money from banks putting ourselves deeper in debt. We can create the money, spend it into circulation... Throughout history those nations have prospered which have had control over their monetary system." - Dennis Kucinich…


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Psy'Aviah Banned From Youtube

Hi All,

Remember our videoclip for "Moments feat. Suzi Q. Smith"..

After it being online for about 3 months Youtube decided to ban it due to violation of their rules.

Judge for yourself on community sites that did allow our video

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=36079526090

MySpace:… Continue

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Looking for something different in ur music?

This band I've been listening to for a while now: Enslavement of Beauty. Just thought maybe the community on I Power would be interested.

They have a new Ep going out on the 15th.

I'll be ordering mine this week!

If you haven't heard of EoB heres a link to their myspace:

http://www. myspace. com/eobofficial

You can also check out their website that has a bunch of their Cds/EPs/and Tees:

www. inriunlimited. com

The EP… Continue

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Breaking the curse.

I, like many people am a dreamer. I guess being a dreamer is not bad, but never achieving your goals and dreams is Hell. When I was a little younger, adults everywhere (not just in my family) use to tell me about everything they could've been, every thing they wanted to be, but they never achieved. Back then I heard the stories and nodded my head a few times, like "yes, I see what you're talking about". My mom told me a story about a friend she had in highschool. He was a football player, an… Continue

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Israeli woman: "Yes, i'm a little bit fascist."

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This WAS going to be a video update, but...

Wal-Mart, being ineffectual buffoons, messed it all up so I don't have anything but my crappy webcam. So instead this is me flipping the bird at Wal-Mart.

I was going to do a video update. I really was. Face and all! Not that you want to see it.

Anyway, I was informed that the camera I want is available at a store down in Portland! And they close at 10pm! And it's already 8:45pm... DAMN!

So I start speeding over, nearly get pulled over, trying to beat the clock,… Continue

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alex jones, whatreallyhappened, real news, etc etc This is me.

prepare for ten years of hell, people. Hard, deep, fast and ten years or 15 miserable ones.

OK, I'm digital... I use a combination to get into my house, not a wireless beeper. I solve computer problems at work and do programming, too.

I Linux, love it, and am considering freebsd 7. suse 10.3 presently. didn't like 11.0 We do the menu dance with home electronics and professionally. Or used to.

me? Bust the patient bubble before it destroys our civilization... as… Continue

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I write lyrics ; ]

Here's one of my latest. Wrote this for a girl I used to love. Please note that my english might be off a little, I'm Dutch you know : ]

Today seems better, tomorrow seems best,

This weight has been lifted off my chest.

Addicted to self-pityness

Comfortabe with endless bliss

The sweetness in your voice, enlightened my mind,

The love in your kiss make me blind.

Trust I find in your arms,

Your heart keeps me warm.

You are sweet, I was… Continue

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I can hit people in the same level of logic as my typing of this sentence.

The above title is a pretty abrasive, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the way I want to appear to anyone on this website yet everything to do with the realization I had just now; so this blog entry is a way of getting it out because it feels good.

Let's back up a little bit for a minute.

When I was 15 I went to visit my best friend, Michael A. Garcia, for a week-long trip on the south side of my state, which was a good four hour drive. During that time we went to… Continue

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Song of the Day and Xbox 360

A less i-power related issue today, my 360's gone bust which has ticked me right off. 2 weeks after the warranty runs out and i get the E-74 error, the one red light that they charge you to fix.. but oh well. Im sure it'll get sorted out, i need to ring microsot tommorow.

I decided to start doing a 'song of the day' stuff on my page, just for a laugh. Yesterday it was 'Kryptonite' by Three doors down. Today its 'Down from the sky' by trivium. Im not a huge fan of the last 2 albums by… Continue

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Other People Are Just Like You!

So, today I went to Pizza Pro, a local Pizza place that I visit often. There, while waiting on my pizza, I overheard an employee talking about one of her ex boyfriends. She said that she had called him hoping to get some action, but to her dismay he told her that he had a girlfriend, that she was pregnant, and that she needed to stop calling him. In disbelief she called his sister, who confirmed that his girlfriend was infact pregnant..but it wasn't his child. At this point in the story she… Continue

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Woman and Christian?? Hope you have a lot of self-esteem!

I recently went to a co-worker's wedding and left there feeling disgusted. No, it wasn't the food, that was fine. It wasn't the fact that everyone kept complimenting the fact I was wearing make up and a dress like I just had won a Nobel Prize either, though that helped. What made me quizzy was the bible passage the minister chose to use when ''blessing'' the couple: the one from Paul about the wife obeying and serving her husband, cause he's ''the head of the house''. That would be disgusting… Continue

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What would you do if you were me?

I just turned eighteen November of last year and I thought I was fine where I was....I was held back in the second grade because I didn't know how to read and the seventh because I was skipping school.......Now as an adult I'm in the 10th grade in High School....I should be graduating.

It really is a blessing that I look younger then I am but that won't be enough. I have the chance to go to adult high school and get my GED within this very year...with that I can jump onto my goal… Continue

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Where to start with the New Year

Hey again folks. Thanks on a heads up for the recent featuring of my blog, much appreciated even though it didnt seem to draw in much views!

Today i was thinking about said post and where to start with it, and one other thing which i didnt put onto my list on there (which i've been meaning to do for a few months) is that i wanna get a bit more fit. Its not that im unfit, its just im not as fit as i'd like to be, so i was trying to think of things i can do, what i'd like to do, and… Continue

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Vodka's status update

So here's what you've missed.

When I said I was going be swamped with work, I didn't think I was going to be as swamped as I am. So that's been keeping me from being useful here.

A few other new and interesting developments have kept me down as well.

The first being that my heart is going to explode soon. That's not metaphor. My blood pressure is 230/130.

The second being (and how I found out my blood pressure) is that my foot is sprained and I've… Continue

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Another year, Another Resolution. Or is it?

Hey guys, sorry i havent updated by blog in quite some time, been busy.

But yes, onto subject today.. New years resolutions.

Well no, actually, im not making a resolution this year. im going to try out miltownkid's suggestion of making a new years manifesto, if you will. I'll make a big blog about it at some point shortly once i've decided all the things i've wanted. But one or two things will be, by far:

Discover who i really am. Now this is a dilema i've been… Continue

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Obama is losing a battle he doesn't know he's in

What do you think - does the author of this article have a point?

Is it right or wrong for Obama to remain silent while Israel kills about 100 Palestinians (four of which Hamas militants) for every Israeli victim?

Obama is losing a battle he doesn't know he's in

The president-elect's silence on the Gaza crisis is undermining his reputation in the Middle East

4 January 2009

Guardian UK…


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Knowing Yourself...And Not Caring What Others Think?

Believe it or not, most psychological dissorders are caused by too much

self reliance. Humans naturaly seek to find their identities, without

observing other people's thoughts and feelings, you will naturally attempt

to identify yourself by your own means. This is the root of narscisism,

somatization, body dismorphic disorder, and even eating disorders.

When you are forced to rely only on your opinion of yourself, you can lead

yourself to believe that… Continue

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NWO end game.

buttons ON: zipper off, Velcro government pending.

and so is my rant mode...

mute and moot points

Palestine. No one speaks as it gets trashed. Not Arabs, who've kindly been sending their criminals there for years... (from their third-generation Palestine refugee camps). Not the US. Not Canada.

Nothing. Britain and France put out big public protests, almost NO coverage of it here in Canada. (France also burned 1500 cars on new year's eve, while just… Continue

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christmas story p2

“So the war on propaganda and mis-information...”

“Uses propaganda and more mis-information, I know. Too-much-coffee man would be proud of you.”

“Time you brushed up on irony. Make this 'dump slime on deadwood' effort by your boss work for you.”

“Live-wire. I'm a live wire. Won't work anyway, they offer more perks and connections than anyone else and the whole world knows it. It's convincing new people I want to be the biggest fish in a small pond now that's… Continue

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