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Spring time for Lore and 'Murica!

I start my next semester of college on January 15th, just under a week from today. I talked about my grades from last semester in my previous blog post, but I didn't mention that I ended up on the Dean's list again. I also added a couple classes on top of the one credit hour course. These two classes are: legal research and music appreciation. 

I will need to make some major decisions regarding my course of study soon as I have 45 attempted credit hours and 27 passed hours. It…


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Semester over!

The semester is done and my grades are officially posted. I got A's in my creative writing class and the public speaking course. I ended up getting a B for the semester in the paralegal class. I do feel an overwhelming sense of relief that I'm finally on winter break as this semester took a lot out of me.

I'm going to try and just relax and enjoy the break before next semester. Next semester I decided to just take a one credit hour course. It is a new student seminar that is…


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Semester drawing to a close.

This semester has certainly tested me. I started off with four classes and ended up dropping the computer class to ease my work load. As of right now I am getting an A in my creative writing class, a B in my public speaking class, and another B in my paralegal studies course. As much as I scrutinize myself for the two B's, overall I think I'm doing very well considering the amount of stress I have been under.

I am definitely ready for this semester to be over. I already have…


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Gave my speech today!

I finally got the first of two major speeches out of the way. My topic for both speeches is "Are Americans really free?" I went over three main points in my speech; our compulsory authoritarian education system, media consolidation as a means of control, and finally, the threat of an oppressive government in post 9/11 America.

I do think I could have done a better job with preparing, but overall I think I did OK. I just can't wait to dive into the persuasive speech project…


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Post midterm ect.

I have been under a lot of pressure in school. I think this has a good and bad side to it. On one hand it can be a motivational factor to do well and so far, I have done just that, with an A in my creative writing class and a B in my public speaking class, as well as the intro to paralegal course. However, this pressure has led me to be pretty overwhelmed as I'm finishing up my research and writing up an outline for my first major speech due Tuesday.Because of all this work, I will be off…


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Midterm and more!

Midterm is fast approaching in school and so far I'm getting a 97% in my creative writing class, 96% in intro to paralegal, 86% in public speaking, and finally, the class that is giving me a lot more trouble than it should, the intro to microcomputers class at 71%. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with where I'm at so far, but I know there is room for improvement.

I have been able to practice more on my bass guitar and I'm really having fun with the challenge that offers me. I…


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Recent positive life experiences

I have been consumed by my responsibilities as a full time student. This has caused me a lot of stress, but I think I'm finally settling into it. I had some early setbacks in my computer class, but I have been able to rebound. My midterm grades will be posted on the college website the second week in October so I'm looking forward to that.

A few weeks ago, I went with a volunteer group to a small town that had been hit by a tornado last year. It was a very rewarding experience…


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Bogged down by life.

I have been under quite a bit of stress in recent weeks with school. I had my first quiz in my paralegal studies class that I did very well on. It was so much easier than I expected. I also got some extra credit for the class. I am demolishing my English class (creative writing) and I'm starting to get bored with how easy the English classes are for me. I am thinking about trying to get into an honors English class just to try and challenge myself. 

My other classes are going…


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Update on classes ect.

Things are starting to heat up in my classes as I'm in the middle of the second week. I have already submitted my fist poem for my creative writing class so I'm looking forward to the feedback I get on that. In my computer class I'm just trying to get a feel for the new layout as we are using Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. I got a 100% on the first quiz in that class so I'm glad I have a solid foundation for the rest of the semester. I'm very nervous, yet excited about my public…


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Full time studies.

I'm all signed up for classes next semester. I know I mentioned the computer class as well as the paralegal course already, but on top of those two I have added two more to go back full time. The two additional classes are, fundamentals of public speaking and creative writing.

I am not really looking forward to the public speaking class as it is not something I am good at. However, I think that if I work at it I can do a good job. I did take a speech class in my Sr.…


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Spring break!

I have not posted in a while so I wanted to get something down on here. I'm finally on spring break for school. My parents took me out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my efforts in school and work. I was a bit surprised by this because it was my dad's idea. He and I have a very distant relationship so it was an interesting experience for me.

I don't have my midterm grade yet for my English class but I expect I'll do well on the final draft of my network…


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Summer plans

I know it isn't even spring yet but I think I'll go over my plans for the summer. I had originally planned on taking three classes for the summer but I found out that the summer classes are 8 week intensive courses instead of the usual 16 weeks. I had planned on taking the math class during the summer but I have decided against it. Now I plan on just working during the summer. I'm also going to brush up on my math skills so I am prepared for the math course. I know I am capable of doing…


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Classes, classes, and yoga.

Time for an update! I am demolishing my English class so far with 64.5/65 points possible and I'm starting my first major assignment for the class. The assignment is a 5-7 page informative essay. The topic I chose for my paper is network neutrality. I chose this topic because I think it will be good for me to learn more about network neutrality while enlightening others about the issue. In my ethics class I turned in my first paper last Tuesday but I won't get it back until this upcoming…


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Classes and other updates.

I am in my second week of classes and so far in my exposition and persuasion class I have my first paper graded as well as a power point presentation out of the way. I ended up getting a 9.5 out of 10 on the paper so I'm glad I have a good foundation to build on. I am pretty anxious to see how I did on my power point presentation though because I was extremely nervous when I presented. My first assignment in my ethics class is not due until next Tuesday so that will give me plenty of time to…


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My first philosophy paper.

Here is another blog and an update on my philosophy class. Last Wednesday I turned in my first paper. It was a response to Plato's "Apology". I did have a lot of fun writing it but I wasn't sure what to do as I've never written a philosophy paper before. I will get the grade on the paper this upcoming Wednesday. I am a bit nervous as I want to get a good grade on it to get things off in the class on a good start. I also need to get my second paper done by Wednesday as well. I'll need to work…


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com 2 port

communication pt2:

life is communication. (leading to what is all this justice, religion, and other people stuff)

It's an energy event, from the S-R (stim-response) to filling in forms.

matter is energy is (waveicals?

space-time?) music is communication is perfect love.

The way is open and you will not be denied.

Or led. YOU put your time effort and money into whatever you value.

Know that you too, are… Continue

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Class Warfare - Guess Which Class Is Winning

“It’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

- Warren Buffett, ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world as of February 11, 2008…


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