The temporary schedule and new years resolutions

Hey guys,

As you'll see below, I won't have much time for iPower for a few weeks. My Monday to Wednesday job is only temporary (although if I'm offered a permanent position in January I'll be keeping it and resigning from my weekend job) and I'm taking it so I can build up some bank balance in order to buy a flat for a few months so I don't have to live with my parents anymore (for reasons I have outlined in previous posts, I don't want to live with them if I can help it), can live with my girlfriend for the first time (we've been going out for a few years), have time for an actual social life (working nights and weekends and not being allowed to have friends visit my house does not help me socially), have time to launch the website properly. Since I probably won't be on here except to reply to responses on my content here is something I was going to post: new years resolutions. (further down) On another note, I'm 20 years old on 30th December so I'll be blogging/reflecting on my past year and my achievements up to this milestone. I'm warning you now, it will probably be quite depressing for me and may seem negative in the blog (which apparently is frowned upon by many members of this site...)





New years resolutions:

Move out

Launch website

Run a marathon

Do 100 pushups

Volunteer for something

Learn an instrument

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Comment by Cole Riggall on November 24, 2011 at 6:50am

I like your schedule layout -I've now made my own :). Good luck with your resolutions!

Comment by SparTom007 - Tom on November 24, 2011 at 7:28am

Hey Cole, I got the organiser here.

Thanks for commenting :)

Comment by Kokomo on November 26, 2011 at 6:39am

Hey man

It is pretty awesome life you got going on here. It is good you have a specific routine for the morning. The morning hours are magical hours and you can get a lot done. There are countless stories of successful people waking up in the morning to do exercise. It is great you are taking care of your health. 


I also would like to move out soon, but I don't have enough funds to do that, plus it is easier to just live with my parents. School takes up a lot of my time, so maybe once I get my education complete I will search hard for a job, which can allow me to live on my own. 


The pros of living on my own: 1. Be able to have guests over without parents approval 2. More freedom to do what I want to my room 3. Chance to truly express myself by designing my home so that it reflects me as an individual. 

Cons: 1. Expensive 2. Will have to do all my cleaning 3. Might not get along with room mates. 

Comment by SparTom007 - Tom on December 23, 2011 at 10:21am

Sorry for the very late reply kokomo, I've been busy as you can see. I'm posting another blog as we speak to explain how the above went and what I've learned and experienced in the past month :)

The morning routine was a great idea I'll agree... however I never once did it. I am really quite unfit and working so much in such a physically demanding job took it out of me too much. To be honest I didn't really follow the schedule at all :\ Health wise, I have changed my diet massively and noticed a great difference (even with little exercise, apart from 20 hours a week of hard labour, I am starting to see outlines of stomach muscle so might start doing crunches :D)

I've also delayed the timeline for when I will be moving out and looking at all my work I've decided I want a break in case I die so I spent a massive chunk of pay (and all my savings to date) on a week long all inclusive luxury holiday with my gf to Cyrpus in February. I've not been on a real holiday for years and years (I've travelled abroad a few times but more of a visiting my gf when she studied abroad so not really as much of a relax as I would like) and for some reason I'm nervous because I don't know how to turn off and just spent a whole bunch of money on doing so xD

Good luck with getting a job man, make sure you are sure it will be totally beneficial for your life to move out when you don't really need to. My parents are... mentally abusive :\ so yeah, I NEED to move out really, but I kinda only sleep here and tbh I sleep at my friends house most the time when I'm not in work during the week and over the weekend I work for a few nights so sleep during the day and we don't see each other.

Cleaning is not a huge deal if you have a flat/house with other people because everyone will chip in and if you live alone you have more cleaning but you lose con 3 ;D I'd say live alone if you can or try to move somewhere with friends you can trust in terms of finances, rules, cleanliness etc, not just how fun they are :P


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