Anyone like conspiracy theories? If so, here is some food for thought.
Who are the major philosophers of our era? Can't name any?
Just think about it, why do philosophers of our time live without fame?
Why is teaching virtually the only option for someone who gets a degree in philosophy?
Why is it so impossible to get enough credibility to have your ideas heard abroad?
The reason is because, in the modern era, individual thought is discouraged.
A philosopher's career is merely speaking his ideas to large groups of people;
in today's society, we call them stand up comedians! What a slap in the face to
the man who earned his Doctorate to loose out to Jeff Foxworthy and Lary the Cable Guy.
Most school's actually try to discourage anyone from majoring in philosophy because,
as sad as it is, in today's society it is completely POINTLESS. By no means
should philosophy ever be pointless, it should be held at the highest standard. But the sad truth is,
Stand up comedians are the only people who do what philosophers do, but their
credibility is blown away as soon as they are labeled comedians.
Shows like South Park actually make extremely good points on some subjects,
but no one takes them seriously because its "Just a cartoon." After the point is made
by them, no one even considers it valid anymore. Do you think that the makers don't know that?
Its almost as if they are doing it on purpose to keep us from thinking for ourselves!
In highschools all over, students are told how important college is, but also told how hard it is.
They scare students away from even trying for college...which isn't even half as hard as highschool.
40 hours a week at highschool with homework in every class every night to 18 hours MAXIMUM without
the slightest chance of homework EVER?!?! Who are they trying to kid? Its almost as if they
are trying to force students into giving up on college and focus on lower paying jobs.
Its as if they are trying to maintain a status quo of educated people.
They want as many people as possible to give up on education, and to label anyone who
actually thinks as incredible.

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Comment by rspwan on January 27, 2009 at 11:54pm
"Why is it so impossible to get enough credibility to have your ideas heard abroad?"

bzzt. Noam Chomsky.
In my perception there is an increasing number of 'liberal' heavy thinkers making rounds internationally.

"in today's society, we call them stand up comedians!"

Interesting point. agreed.
Some are not so bad although they tend to die to young (Bill Hicks).

"Shows like South Park actually make extremely good points on some subjects,"

As do Jon Steward and Steven Colbert.

But i think more than a few people take them quite seriously. I think it's possible to laugh at the humor of it while getting the serious point that's being made. That way it is fun to be serious.

Which reminds me of a slogan of "Majority Report" on Air America Radio - not a comedy show but they did a lot of political wise-cracking:

"Many a truth is told in jest, just not so much so that one can get sued for it."
Comment by rspwan on January 27, 2009 at 11:58pm
"Its almost as if they are doing it on purpose to keep us from thinking for ourselves!"

"almost as if" - i see no conspiracy there.
Comment by Danielx on January 30, 2009 at 1:47am
Who are they?, what are the forces that brought about this situation?, being more specific prevents your food for thought from being discarded as being a "conspiracy theory"

"Conspiracy theory," "stimulus package," "stand up comedians," who coined these phrase and introduced it to our everyday use.
Realize that the mass media forms have a great influence over our diction, and if you think that our language shapes our mind then the mass media forms indirectly shapes our conventional thinking and could have possibly brought about the situation that you describe as being the present situation.

Cool post.


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